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Devil is Due in Dreary

Posted on March 18, 2014 at 7:30 AM

The Devil is Due in Dreary was recently published as a graphic novel by Arcana in Vancouver, BC. Nothing unusual about that. What is unusual is that it started out as a screenplay by writer David Parkin.

Parkin and film producer Daryl Freimark met in 2008. A year later they decided to turn DDD into a comic book before making it into a movie. After two separate Kickstarter campaigns, they were able to turn this story into four comic books, which were ultimately turned into the graphic novel published by Arcana.

Here's a description of the book:

Jack and Tino, two strangers with a questionable past arrive in the reclusive town of Dreary where they unknowingly fulfill a prophecy that the town believes will precede the coming of the apocalypse. They are caught up in a whirlwind of judgment and paranoia, and it's a race against time to escape with their lives. The Devil is Due in Dreary is a music rich ride through the folklore of the old west. With rattling desert bones, pompadours, classic cars, and pearl handled pistols, it's an action packed rockabilly take on the classic western.

Through the process of creating the book Parkin refined the story and is currently finishing the latest draft of the screenplay. Freimark and Parkin plan to shoot THE DEVIL IS DUE IN DREARY film in early 2015.

Now is a great time to be ahead of the crowd and read it before it hits the big screen. It's a well told story, and definitely well worth reading. You really don't know until the end what will happen to the town or the two strangers who come to it. Bad timing or has destiny sealed their fates?

I really like this graphic novel. Wonderful art and great characters, from crazy preacher to mutilated anti-hero and all the little people caught in between. But they're nothing compared to what's headed to town.

You can get a copy through Arcana or from DevilisDueinDreary

All the best, your GG

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