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Howard Lovecraft and The Three Kingdoms

Posted on August 27, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Author Bruce Brown has done something terrifying... and wonderful. He has taken pieces of young H.P. Lovecraft's real life, and the dark stories and creatures from older Lovecraft's imagination, and has written a set of three adventures for kids published by Arcana Studios. The three together make up Howard Lovecraft and The Three Kingdoms.

Here's a description from their website of how it all begins...

"Hidden away from the world is a dangerous book filled with forbidden knowledge. For ages, the mere possession of the book has driven men to madness. On Christmas Eve the unthinkable happens; the book is placed in the hands of a child. Unaware of its danger, Howard Lovecraft opens the books and speaks aloud its forbidden knowledge. Join Howard Lovecraft and his elder god companion Spot as they enter three kingdoms of terrifying creatures and monstrous villains all seeking to gain possession of Howard’s book."

The three stories are all separate, but continue a larger story chronologically as well. In the first book - Howard Lovecraft and The Frozen Kingdom - little Howard gets a mysterious gift at Christmas and his grasp on reality is changed forever. In the second book - Howard Lovecraft and The Undersea Kingdom - Howard and his new friend/pet, Spot are in a race against time to stop his family from being turned into fish people! The last book in the series - Howard Lovecraft and The Kingdom of Madness - Howard, Spot and new friends investigate a mystery involving his father and an ancient evil laboratory.

They are fantastic new stories that any fan of Lovecraft will want. They are also a great introduction to the works of Lovecraft for school aged children aged 10+

And NOW is the best time to get them because Arcana and the author have a brand new Kickstarter campaign and you can get so much more than just the set of 3 stories like... how about your own plushie Spot.

Yes please!

I'm very pleased that one of my favourite horror mythos is being introduced to the next generation of geeks in such a spectacular manner.

All the best , your GG

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