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Posted on October 14, 2014 at 6:10 PM

Recently, I received a very different kind of CD to review. Not music, but storytelling. The storyteller is John David Hickey and his latest collection of stories is entitled Did You Hear That

The CD has eight stories of demons, ghosts and haunted cottages. It's a splendid collection for this time of year. Storyteller Hickey does a fine job of reviving a very old tradition. While listening, I looked at old family photos and even did some housework. I found it a delightful change of pace from television, Youtube, and the constant barrage of images and crappy storytelling called reality programming.

Good storytellers tell tall tales and this collection of them is wonderful. There's one about a mermaid, the devil, ghosts - my favourite one being the old lady in "The Dead Don't Pay", and an enchanted canoe too.The CD is a combination of old folk tales and some Canadiana. Hickey does a great job of telling the stories and I enjoyed the fact that he was telling them to live audiences so you could experience their reactions and interactions, especially during the telling of Lex and The Devil.

Hickey's collection would be a perfect compliment to an evening by the fire with a class of wine or a bottle of beer, with the wind whistling through the branches and the moon cold and bright.

All the best, your GG

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