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Witch Bottle

Posted on November 13, 2014 at 7:00 AM

My initial introduction to author Edain Duguay's writing was her first book in the Chameleon series. Find out what I thought about it.

Earlier this month she released not only a new book, but as well another new series. The first in the series is Witch Bottle.

Ordinary Amy Grey must leave her home in Britain to deal with the family cottage in Canada after the tragic death of her parents. Her arrival brings many memories, but also death. And Amy has the strange feeling that someone is watching over her. But why?

This is a wonderfully dark paranormal mystery. A murder spree that started centuries ago has come to the small town near Amy's cottage. While Amy slips into everyday life, the bodies pile up. The police are baffled and their only lead is a strange witch's sigil. It's a fabulous blend of murder mystery and supernatural suspense, and witchcraft both historical and fanciful.

Amy Grey is a great character that women can relate to. She's "average", smart and resourceful. There is also another great female character that you'll absolutely love, but she's a big part of the mystery.... so I'll just let you become acquainted with her on your own.

I hardly put Witch Bottle down the whole time I had the manuscript to read through for spelling, etc. I often became so engrossed in the story that I'd have to stop myself and go back to re-read parts again to do what I was supposed to be doing. It's seriously that good.

You can get Witch Bottle through the author's website, bookshops, and

If you'd like to meet Ms. Duguay in person and get yourself an autographed copy of Witch Bottle, she'll be at Pop Expo next weekend, November 22/23.

All the best, your GG

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