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Masks and Shadows

Posted on March 29, 2016 at 9:10 AM

Author Stephanie Burgis has written a fantasy mystery in one of my favourite time periods. It's lush and rich and full of intrigue. The year is 1779 and the story's main characters are a castrato, a baroness, a servant with a secret talent, and a couple of shady alchemists. 

Masks and Shadows is set at Eszterháza Palace during the height of the Habsburg Empire. Intrigue is part of every day life, but when magic proves to be real, and demons are called upon to be assasins, the usual rules of the court are thrown out the window. 

The author has created a wonderful mix of historical fiction and dark fantasy that has a little something for every reader. There's romance, mystery, magic, blackmail, murder, fashion, royalty, music, historical figures, and lots of action.  There's also a nice twist I was not expecting. Just when you think you've figured out the main characters and the heroes of this story, everything changes and it's not who you think. I quite enjoyed the change of focus.

At 314 pages, it's not a lengthy tome, and is certainly a quick read, but it's definitely entertaining. It easily transported me to a different time and place. A great escape worthy of a rainy day and a steaming cup of tea.

You can get your own copy when it's released on April 12th from any local bookstore or

All the best, your GG

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