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See Also Deception

Posted on May 3, 2016 at 1:30 PM

About this same time last year, I reviewed the first Marjorie Trumaine mystery by author Larry D. Sweazy. It was one of the most interesting novels I had read in a very long time. 

Since the last book, Marjorie's life hasn't gotten any better, and now there is another murder in her home town. It's horrible for her, but fantastic for fans of this series. 

Just months after Marjorie helped solved a series of grusome murders in her small town of Dickinson, North Dakota, she is faced with another death that pulls her into the investigation. Her long time friend, and town librarian, Calla Eltmore is found dead at work, and everyone seems to think it's suicide. Marjorie doesn't agree. What she finds is a maze of secrets, and someone willing to kill again to keep those secrets hidden.

The author once more pulls the reader into 1964 small town life. Marjorie shares detailed descriptions with the reader of everything she sees and does day to day. I particularly like the comparisons of her farm wife utilitarian wardrobe with that of her new acquaintance, the well put together professor's wife. I also enjoy the commentary she provides on the various buildings she goes to including the library, the hospital, the police station, and a local watering hole. 

At the same time, the story also gives the reader a continuation of Marjorie's home life, and the sad decline of her chronically disabled husband. How she handles the tragic issues in her life is both brave and heart wrenching. This second book also gives us a closer look at the son of her friends and neighbours who were murdered in the previous story. He made a small appearance in See Also Murder, but this time he becomes a main character, and a welcome addition. 

To solve this latest mystery, Marjorie's indexing skills and love of books are once more used. She also uses the anger about her friend's death to give her courage and push her on toward solving this case. We get to see much more of Marjorie's personal feelings and a few memories too in this second book. It gives the reader a wonderful closeness with this character. If I smoked, I'd love to hang out on the back stairs to share a cigarette and a chat with her. 

I recommend See Also Deception. It's a slice of small town pie, with a side of mystery and murder. 

You can get your own copy when it's released on May 10th from Seventh Street Books and

All the best, your GG

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