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Pat's 3D Printer

Posted on June 8, 2013 at 7:05 AM

It's Here..... (say it in your head like Jack from The Shining...more dramatic)

This year my husband turned the big 5-0. It is also the year I quit a steady full-time job to explore self-employment.

Pat is incredibly supportive. He realized late last year that funds would be tight and he didn't want me to worry about how to put on a big birthday bash for him (we do that for everyone every decade), so he got pro-active months before his birthday. He worked out everything he would love to buy for himself, but that he wouldn't be able to for quite some time, and put it in a list to give to family and friends as a gift guide. Brilliant!

I sent it out to everyone I could think of and let them at it. Pat's father got it and considered it for a couple of months. Then he called Pat.  Basically the conversation was... "I know this isn't on the list, but what do you think about a 3D printer?" Pat was thrilled and of course said "sure!". His dad asked him to do some research and pick his favourite.

Pat decided to go with something he could build. He is also a huge fan of open source, so he went with RepRapPro in the UK. They were great and sent it right away. 

We got it yesterday and Pat had great fun opening it. There was much ooohing and aaahing at all the parts - like a kid at Christmas.

The filaments - these turn into anything you can imagine (well, almost)

That 3D printer... it's so hot right now! (think Zoolander)

This is what he's most giddy about - signatures of the designer and project team.

Nothing else will be getting done around our house for the next couple of weeks, but he will be one very happy husband. Oh, and this is what it will look like when he has it put together...

Their Tricolour Mendel model

And don't worry, he got a big rip roaring party too!

All the best, your GG

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