Geeky Godmother

Your Time-Saving Wish Come True

               I can live for two months on a good compliment . (Mark Twain)


The wonderful Geeky Godmother helped me to sell my books at my first large public event, Ottawa Pop Expo. Her enthusiasm, sense of fun and professionalism made the day a great experience for me and she easily managed to get the public interested in my books. Due to her expert guidance, I had an astonishing amount of sales and a lot of fun. I'm unreservedly happy to recommend her skills to all who need them.

Edain Duguay, Author
Ottawa, Ontario
Knowing Geeky Godmother/Lee was in charge of our wedding basically kept me from being a basket case. I'm a type A personality with OCD so letting go and stepping back and putting one of the most important days of our lives into the hands of someone else was a challenge, but easier than I thought it would be because I knew Lee's reputation. She took all our ideas and ran with them, all while staying cool, professional, focused and keeping her sense of humour.

Not only did she do everything I asked, but she did it!

I'd also like to put a shout out to Lee's two assistants (daughters) Rowan and Miranda. Miranda helped in doing a lot of setup/takedown, organizing, and just plain crazy running around work without a complaint, and Rowan handled the task of Photobooth photographer with perfect enthusiasm.

She's awesome!

Kelly Orange-Lacasse & Guy Lacasse
Ottawa, Ontario
"I was in danger of turning into a hoarder and needed someone to guide me through a significant decluttering, organizing, and staging of my apartment, and Lee came to the rescue as my Geeky Godmother.  She made the process fun and painless, and kept an upbeat mood even though we were doing some really hard work.  Together we were able to transform my place from a slap-dash sloppy apartment into a functional and beautiful space that I would be proud to show friends. Most importantly, Lee didn't just do an apartment make-over - her suggestions and solutions also empower me to maintain a more organized lifestyle.  Thank you so much, Geeky Godmother!!"

Hingman Leung
Ottawa, Ontario
"Lee is a dynamo. She thrives on challenge, applying a crazy amount of energy and focus, all the while keeping her “cool as a cucumber” demeanour. When you put a project in her hands, you know it will get done, no matter what, and done well. Her biggest strengths are her organizational skills, client service and enthusiasm. She’s also an excellent problem-solver, able to look beyond the standard, and see the potential where most do not. I cannot recommend her too highly. Lee is amazing!"

Julie Desrosiers
Ottawa, Ontario
"Lee is a joy to work with; with my ADHD, a new baby and a home business to work out, things seemed to be getting overwhelming and rapidly spinning out of control. Lee was able to step in and create order with humour, compassion and complete efficiency. Best of all, she provided peace of mind at the same time. Thanks so much!"

Lisa McGowan
Ottawa, Ontario
"Geeky Godmother is thorough in the tasks she undertakes. She sees what needs to be done and does it or creates the situation in which you can do it yourself. Her enthusiasm lifts any task to the state of creative."

Theresa Dunn
Arnprior, Ontario
"Super fabulous and totally awesome!" 

Tania Massia
Ottawa, Ontario
"Lee A. Farruga brings her wit, wisdom and enthusiasm to supporting projects, in a way that draws you in and makes you want to know what's going on. We've benefited greatly from her support with Hopeless Maine and Intelligent Designing for Amateurs, and have also enjoyed waching the content that comes from the Geeky Godmother site. It's all about getting the good stuff to people who will appreciate it, and Lee certainly knows how to do just that."

Nimue Brown, Author
Tom Brown, Artist
United Kingdom
"You are a well thought out, organized emissary. Your shotgun blast (well spread) of information is appreciated by even the meek (myself) who are reluctant to leave without proper information. I am always satisfied by the end of the event, of a thoughtful adventure, which you have orchestrated."

Gernerific Mirus Alexander
Ottawa, Ontario
"Lee A. Faruga (Geeky Godmother) is passionately supportive of geek culture and the participants therein. Not only does she love it, promote it, and want it to grow, but she brings you along with her! The Dark Victorian has a great ally in GG!"

Elizabeth Watasin
Los Angeles, USA
"I must say that your events are among the most well organized and smoothly run of any that I attend. They are thoroughly planned well ahead of time, attendees are kept informed, and you do your utmost to insure people are having extremely enjoyable experience. For that I must say thank you for all your effort."

David Hardwick
Ottawa, Ontario

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